solid. A solid, as opposed to a liquid or gas, has a size and shape to it. It doesn't flow like water or disappear into the air. At first glance, solid appears to be a simple word, but it really offers shades of meaning. A solid friend is dependable. If you give a solid performance, it was very good, though not quite great.


What Does SOLID Mean? SOLID means "Cool". Summary of Key Points. "Cool 

"Cool  solid meaning and definition · chemistry A substance in the fundamental state of matter that retains its size and shape without need of a container (as opposed to a  A solid is characterized by structural rigidity and resistance to a force applied to the surface. Unlike a liquid, a solid object does not flow to take on the shape of its   Solid, one of the three basic states of matter, the others being liquid and gas. A solid forms from liquid or gas because the energy of atoms decreases when the  So now you know - SOLID means "Cool, awesome" - don't thank us. YW! What does SOLID mean? SOLID is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word that is  7 Apr 2021 solid noun (OBJECT) an object that has a height, width, and length, and is not flat: A cube and a pyramid are both solids. Does that mean his production is equal to his salary? or the player fit in his role well?

What solid means

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consisting of matter all through. 3. of the same substance all through: solid rock. 4. sound; proved or provable: solid facts. Definition of solid (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : a geometrical figure or element (such as a cube or sphere) having three dimensions — see Volume Formulas Table 2 a : a substance that does not flow perceptibly under moderate stress, has a definite capacity for resisting forces (such as compression or tension) which tend to deform it, and under ordinary conditions retains a definite size and shape A solid is a state of matter characterized by particles arranged such that their shape and volume are relatively stable.

the state in which a substance has no tendency to flow under moderate stress; resists forces (such as compression) that tend to deform it; and retains a definite size and shape. 3. a three-dimensional shape The definition of solid is something which is sturdy and substantial or an object that isn't hollow.

The solid work of art exists out of 1,600 unique "pixels" that are only visible in specific directions by means of 3D printed masks and so change the perceived 

No magnetron means less power consumption and no consumable part,  Hitta stockbilder i HD på Means Transport Icon Set Black Solid och miljontals andra royaltyfria stockbilder, illustrationer och vektorer i Shutterstocks samling. Offer from inheritance : ArtDeco piano stool around 1925, walnut solid with Antique piano stool ArtDeco around 1925, walnut solid, adjustable by means of the  What made you want to look up guaiac test? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). Show Comments  Products.

Solid is one of the four fundamental states of matter (the others being liquid, gas and plasma). The molecules in a solid are closely packed together and contain the least amount of kinetic energy. A solid is characterized by structural rigidity and resistance to a force applied to the surface.

What solid means

ON: If the DSL symbol is solid, you have an ADSL connection. In technical terms, the ADSL port is synchronized with  It also describes the measurement of mechanical properties and the means by which the mechanical properties of solids can be altered or supplemented for  The calorimeter is protected from the condensing humidity of the air by means of calculated from the difference of the specific heat in the liquid and solid state . Applying S.O.L.I.D. Principles in . If not, you should definitely go to this session, as it goes through each one of the principles, explaining what it means and  Learn Angel Feather Meanings – What Do White Feathers Mean?

The strategy by which the drive operates internally can vary largely between manufacturers, and the TRIM command zeroes the whole range of a deleted file. The chain is not solid through-and-through. It’s hollowed out inside, meaning it’s lightweight, could, and probably would, CRUSH!
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What solid means

More example sentences. ‘solid fuels’. ‘When heated this produces methane gas and a solid residue of sodium carbonate.’. ‘A third type, called a hybrid, combines a solid fuel with a liquid oxidizer.’. What does solids mean?

Learning outcomes, assessment methods and key  and the sound isolation properties are comparable to that of solid concrete. match composite constructions in strength-to-size ratio, which means they are  Hämta den här Kinesiska Nyåret Solid Ikonuppsättning 12 En Kinesiska Alfabetet Betyder Lycka vektorillustrationen nu.
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Solid surface counter-tops are counter surfaces that are synthetically manufactured. Corian and silestone are two popular types of solid surface counter-tops. Solid surface counter-tops are counters that are covered with one of a variety of synthetic materials. They are extremely popular with homeowners for several reasons. Solid surface counter-tops are non-porous, which means that they

3. a three-dimensional shape The definition of solid is something which is sturdy and substantial or an object that isn't hollow. An example of solid is a well-built table that isn't likely to fall apart.

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What Means Solid, Traveller? is an album by guitarist David Torn, released in 1996. Track listing "Spell Breaks with the Weather" (5:49) "What Means Solid, Traveller?" (6:52) "Such Little Mirrors" (7:22) "Tiny Burns a Bridge" (8:42) "Gidya Hana" (7:27) "Each Prince, to His Kingdom, Must Labor to Go" (3:58) Particle Bugs @ Purulia Station" (7:42)

( ˈsɒlɪd) adj. 1. (General Physics) of, concerned with, or being a substance in a physical state in which it resists changes in size and shape. Compare liquid 1, gas 1. 2. consisting of matter all through.